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With over a decade of experience within the jewellery & diamond industry, I have built strong and trusting relationships with diamond dealers and goldsmiths across the UK and the rest of the world. Holly Robinson Jewellery gives you the opportunity to benefit from this highly skilled & talented network of industry professionals.

Meet the Team: About Us
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I'm a hopeless romantic that lives in Wiltshire. I love nothing more than filling my time with searching for unique and rare diamonds or gemstones for your bespoke creations as well as designing your jewellery to ensure we create something perfect for you both.

If I'm not meeting with clients or working in the design studio you can find me out walking in the local countryside or even more likely I'm at a swimming lesson or playground!     

I am certified in diamond essentials by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA.)

My practical boldness will guide you through the confusion of buying a diamond, to ensure you are getting an honest and fair price. My experience in design practicality and understanding of design suitability and trends will provide you with the confidence that your partner will cherish your gift for many years to come!

I offer a private and personalised service which means I am able to remain extremely competitive in regard to pricing. I am confident that every one of my clients finishes their journey with a superior piece of jewellery for a fair and honest price. My initial consultations are always complimentary and I am happy to offer advice and guidance in all areas of fine jewellery.

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I currently have a team of six goldsmiths that specialise in different areas of fine jewellery creation and restoration. 

While design and materials create the potential for a piece of jewellery's beauty, craftsmanship determines the final result.

I have personally selected every one of my goldsmiths after working with them for almost a decade. My own jewellery, my client's jewellery and my family's jewellery has passed through their trusted hands as they apply skills that have long been forgotten by others.

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Diamond, Gemstone & Precious Metals

Our suppliers are based across the UK, USA & the Far East.

Building these relationships, working within the jewellery industry sourcing thousands of specific high-quality stones along with negotiating low prices to pass on to my clients. 

Honesty, integrity and sustainability are at the core of Holly Robinson Jewellery, which is why I only use diamond vendors that are part of the Kimberley process. 

Along with the Kimberley process, we have chosen to add an extra layer of vetting checks to our suppliers; meeting the teams and ensuring a fair wage and positive working environment is provided to all.

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