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A Magical Proposal for Yiannie & Alice

Searching for the perfect amount of romantic inspiration for your proposal? Then look no further!

Set in the Scottish Highlands, Yiannie got down on one knee and finally asked Alice if she would be his bride. Choosing the Isle of Skye was no mistake, on the West side of Trotternish at Balnacnoc above Uig, is the Fairy Glen. The road winds around small round-topped grassy hills with ponds in between which gives the glen an otherworldly feel.

If you haven’t been to the Highlands have a gander at these photos Yiannie & Alice sent me and you will be booking your travel straight away! I am in awe of the natural landscape and vividness of the colours. Yiannie chose such a beautiful day with the sun shining on their magical moment, these photos could be part of an ‘how to propose’ brochure!

Alice’s Ring

Yiannie reached out to me to design a completely bespoke engagement ring for his proposal to Alice having Holly Robinson Jewellery recommended to him from one the first couples that purchased an engagement ring from me. He knew that Alice would love a combination of Rubies and diamonds set into Yellow Gold. We used Alice’s love of all things magical along with taking inspiration from The Fairy Glen at the Isle of Skye to create an asymmetrical design that both could treasure forever, memorialising their special proposal.

Yiannie & I first met in Penarth and this was the start of our journey creating Alice’s ring. After we discussed his requirements and her preferences, we used some of my sample stones to create a rough idea of the design elements we both felt would be just right. Using sample stones to get to grips with stone sizes and a rings overall look on your finger is the best way to understand how your ring will look pre-production.

Our next step was to find the perfect ruby stone. When selecting a gemstone, colour is the most important factor. Colour divides into three components: hue, saturation and tone. Hue refers to colour as we normally use the term. Ruby is defined to be red however, Ruby may exhibit a range of secondary hues, including orange, purple, violet, and pink. Saturation (also called colour purity and intensity) is the extent to which the hue is masked by brown or grey. Tone refers to the amount of colour in the ruby ranging from very light to very dark.

With this in mind, this can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of creating a bespoke piece of jewellery holding a gemstone as I search personally through many of my trusted suppliers to find the right stone to match each individuals’ unique requirements.

Yiannie wanted a traditionally dark red ruby with a lighter undertone to ensure the stone really stood out against the yellow gold band. We both labelled our colour preference as a regal red – perfect for his Queen!

Following Ruby selection, I then began designing Alice’s ring to ensure each stone fit perfectly in each setting. Working on Alice’s designs was strangely straight forward, as Yiannie had such a clear idea of what he wanted, and his passion and confidence was clearly infectious as I completed all design work in record time!

At this point of the process, I wanted to reach out to Yiannie pre-creation to ensure I had captured every element he wished for. I created a wax model of Alice’s new ring and sent this to Yiannie’s work (to ensure we kept everything under wraps!)

‘One word, beautiful, Oh my god I absolutely love it! Words can not express, Thank you so much.’

This was Yiannie’s response to his special delivery of the model. Need I say more!?

The creation process of the final ring could now begin! Teaming the perfect ruby with the delicate additional diamonds set in 18ct Yellow Gold could not have turned out more beautifully.

As a little extra, I knew that Yiannie wanted a vintage feel to the ring and his proposal, so I sourced a vintage ring box from the 19th century. This box was perfect for an outdoor proposal as it offered a smaller alternative to my Holly Robinson Jewellery ring boxes.

Delivery was most definitely a family affair with Yiannie meeting Granny Robinson and reducing her to tears (of joy!) with his plans for his proposal. After collecting Alice’s ring, he headed over to meet his mum, grandmother and sister to show off his new purchase with all three falling in love with the quality and design as much as we had!

‘Hi Holly – it’s Alice here, Yiannie’s partner. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with the ring – I absolutely love it, it’s so gorgeous. I know how much of a help you were to Yan so I just wanted to say thank you x’

A few weeks later, I was touched to receive an amazing message from Alice.

Alice said yes! Our wonderful couple have now becoming our bride and groom to be! What a magical moment for the perfect couple!

Final Words from the Client:

Holly helped me create the perfect engagement ring for my fiancee. The process from start to finish was, professional, warm and meticulous. She catered to all of my needs, and was open to any ideas. I wanted something very unique, not only did Holly deliver exactly what I asked for, she went above and beyond my expectations! If I could give more stars I would, quality product from a quality person. Thanks again.

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