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Bespoke Shaped to Fit Wedding Rings

Imagine this moment; you are on a family stroll beside the river with your partner and beautiful little girl. He gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life together. Of course, this is the moment you shout ‘YES!’ and for the next few months the first words on your friends & family’s lips are ‘let’s see the ring.’ This dream was a reality for Charlotte when Griff got down on one knee accompanied by the gorgeous little Evie beside the River Thames in Lechlade.

Fast forward to your wedding planning and excitedly you both head out for the day to find your wedding rings. As you step into your local jeweller you find yourself mesmerised by all the diamonds in the shop windows and as you settle into your meeting with the sales rep you realise ‘this whole wedding planning thing is starting to feel really real!!’

As you are presented with both plain and diamonds rings to sit next to your engagement ring, things just aren’t looking quite right and you realise you might need to have a ring made shaped around your ring.

Your sales rep offers an easy solution; if you leave your engagement ring with him today, he can create a wedding ring to fit and it will only take 12 – 20 weeks.

Easy. Yes. Practical. No. Emotional Stressfully. Yes.


When I met Charlotte and Griff they had experienced exactly this; a fantastic option to make a bespoke wedding ring but it meant Charlotte had to be without her precious engagement ring for far too long! After booking their consultation with me, I was able to put their minds at ease by talking them through the bespoke process at Holly Robinson Jewellery.

My Process

To start we inspected Charlotte’s ring taking measurements of the band and the centre diamond, I took (a lot!) of photos of the engagement ring and Charlotte tried on a selection of wedding bands that matched but didn’t necessarily fit.

Next, I took a mould of Charlotte’s engagement ring. This meant Charlotte was without her ring for around 12 minutes instead of 12 weeks! The mould then came back to the studio with me, where I made a resin replica of Charlotte’s engagement ring.

As I now had an exact replica of the ring, I could work to make a wedding band fit perfectly whilst also incorporating the design elements most important to our bride to be.

Firstly, I created CAD images of Charlotte’s design and sent these to her for approval.

Next, Charlotte received a resin model of her new wedding ring to try on at home. This free of charge part of my process offers an extra added reassurance that your wedding ring will be exactly as you had imagined. At this point, Charlotte confirmed the band size, the depth, the finger size and the diamond start and stop positions.

‘It's such a great fit! The size feels just right and I love the detail just as you have designed it, I don’t think it needs anything more or less 😊 perfect really.’

After receiving this fab feedback; I began my search to find 25 diamonds that all matched in colour, clarity, shape and size. Sorting through hundreds of small diamonds resulted in the perfect selection that were then couriered to my specialist ‘shaped to fit’ specialist goldsmith.

Charlotte’s Bespoke Shaped to Fit Wedding Ring has a vintage feel with a beaded edge along with 25 round brilliant grain set diamonds. Once finished, I added a diamond-cut finish to the side of the wedding ring to match the vintage style detailing on the engagement ring. All design elements we both had hoped for were achieved with just 1 consultation in the comfort of Charlotte’s own home.

Final words from Charlotte & Griff:

Where do I even begin! After going to a Jewellery shop and receiving a poor service, (ring was stunning) I was sceptical and worried the same would happen with our wedding rings. I happened to stumble upon a post of Holly’s business on a wedding event page and thought I would send her a message.
After that, the experience from Holly stepping into our home to delivering our rings was exceptional. She is the most personable, knowledgeable and lovely lady, my engagement ring has a couple of quirks and Holly listened to everything I said and wanted. What she has created is everything I wished for. The fit, the design, it’s perfect. It means so much to me that Holly wanted to get it right for me and took time to create something truly beautiful. My partners wedding ring fitted like a glove and is a work of art. Thank you, thank you! Charlotte and Griff xx
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