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Quirky Blog Post All About Me Part II

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

So I am still a night owl addicted to Yorkshire tea with a shameless obsession of keeping up to date with EastEnders; but things have changed a lot around here since 2020.

It has been a long time since my last personal blog – a whole 3 years in fact. In that time; I have shared business news and successes with you along the way, but I’ve found it really challenging to find the time and the words to share ‘about me.’

The last three years have seen some huge changes; I bought my home, had a gorgeous baby girl, and gone through some major ‘health’ things and during all that time Holly Robinson Jewellery has gone from strength to strength.

I see the business as a passion project; gone wild! What was once an income has become my lifeline. I don’t mean in terms of the financial gain but the escape and joy I find in creating beautiful jewellery from everyday life.

Hattie, Alice & Gemma's Bespoke Rings

The way I work

The pandemic has changed the way I work; throughout the 11 years I have been emersed in a really traditional jewellery industry; historically jewellery has always been purchased face to face in huge retail stores with high overheads and extortionate levels of stock that has been sat around waiting to be sold. 2020 – 2023 has been the most turbulent time with big changes, with the fast-paced retail outlook being unattractive to most and the more consultative approach resulting in unique and high-quality pieces being favoured. Diamond and metal prices are all over the place thanks to the dollar-to-pound rate causing huge fluctuations and the traditional methods just don’t fly anymore.

I believe that clients should pay for what they want, not what fancy CEOs want as their latest accomplishment or profit goal. This meant I had to evolve to provide my clients with choice, with information and an honest conversation about what will work for today, tomorrow and a future of wearing their pieces.

The changes I've seen have given me heaps of experience and increased my global connections beyond my wildest dreams. Now I have so much more flexibility to source, create and deliver to people all over the world. I can finally add 'worldwide' (just call me Mrs Worldwide... hey Pitbull 👋 ) to my name badge with clients in Australia, America, Canada & France added in just the last two years!

How I work

My little family has grown by one (but it feels like four) when Nick and I welcomed Athena in 2021. She is now a super sassy, musical-loving, forever-moving toddler that fills up our time and hearts in a way we never knew possible.

As a self-confessed workaholic, my own personal life events have really changed how I work. Learning to divide my time between my business and my family has been so challenging.

Hannah Sharpe Photography

When Athena first arrived on the scene, I was so sure; I could have it all. I could continue to work 6 days a week and be the ‘all-in’ mum I aspired to be. I am sure it is no shock to you; that this wasn’t and still isn’t possible. I have lessened the days I 'officially' work but extended the hours on the days I am working to have the same amount of availability for my clients.

Carving out time, especially for my appointments, my hands-on work and family time has been pivotal to my own health, the business's growth and most importantly managing (and always) exceeding my client's expectations. A combination of working face to face with clients and virtually has meant work has become so much more productive; work that would've taken me an afternoon can now get wrapped up in an hour or so. Being a parent has definitely taught me to work when I can and work bloody fast (because you never know when someone is going to be sent home from nursery with the next dreaded cold!)

What has changed

Juggling everything at once hasn’t been easy but as Athena turns 18 months; I feel like I've found my stride. I feel confident in my plans and growth ideas for the business and things are getting very exciting in terms of what the future holds for Holly Robinson Jewellery.

Honestly, the only thing I have really let slide since we last spoke is my social media; I haven’t enjoyed listening to my own voice (... yeh I said it) and finding 'my voice' again has been super hard. Come and join me online and watch my come back (I have a feeling it's gonna be good) @hollyrobinsonjewellery

What has stayed the same

I may have a few more lines and my circles may be a little darker under my eyes (but you would never know - shout to Contour Couture for keeping me looking alive) but there are few things that haven’t changed (look away now if you hate the soppy stuff.) The excitement I feel when I know your proposal is coming, my tears (that I have to blink away as fast as possible) when you tell me your dreams for your wedding day and the smile I have when I get amazing feedback from my clients. Wanna see?

I started this business to provide a truly unique experience to my clients; but I’ve realised the experiences I gain from our meetings and designs is the bit that keeps me growing, learning and evolving. I am so excited because if doing what I love can make me feel this good through some of the most challenging times in life I can only imagine how it will feel when the sun is shining.

So, how do I sign off a blog that has been super soppy & honest with you…. Slide into my DMs or send me an email if you want to know more and if you are looking for an experience-based service offered by the woman that spends every toddler-free hour obsessing over all things diamond & jewellery, to create the BEST bespoke pieces for you – you've found her! X

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