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A Quirky Blog Post All About Me

A night owl addicted to Yorkshire tea with a shameless obsession of keeping up to date with EastEnders. It’s time I let you get to know the real me.

I never had a love of jewellery or all things sparkling (I must be honest!) I fell into a career working in jewellery sales in 2011; bright-eyed and bushy-tailed straight from university.

Over the next 7 years, I studied my diamond grading and sorting qualifications as well as completing my jewellery design education which resulted in me creating my own company and building my own brand Holly Robinson Jewellery.

Not only has my knowledge and expertise built over the last 9 years; my passion for providing a straight-talking look into the diamond world whilst providing fine quality jewellery for everyday clients has reached a level that can only be described as love (urghhh I am that person #lovemyjob!)

Enough about work! You are here to read about MY secrets….

My biggest weakness is turning off from work; I always have a desire to be focusing on something and this means I can barely stay still long enough to read a book or watch a film. So, here comes my latest favourite past time; podcasts! From self-help, business motivation to general girlie chit chat I LOVE listening to chatter whilst getting on with my work.

My latest fad (oh my god I feel old admitting this one!) Is listening to the radio station LBC – politics, news and general discussions/arguments between the presenters and the public can be on the radio for hours whilst I’m selecting gemstone and diamonds or orders and finalising CAD designs.

On the note of the radio, how did I function before the Amazon Echo was in our lives?! I have them in every room of my house; reminding me of my to-do lists, playing Kisstory whilst I do the dreaded housework or VERY loudly announcing every time someone walks past my front door….. “Motion detected at the front door” (if you know, YOU know!)

My family expands across the globe with my brother in California (living his best life!) my Dad and Step Mum in Florida and my Mum, sister and Step Dad back home in sunny sunny Wales. I met my fiancé, Nick, in Swansea University in 2008, where we DID NOT have that romantic boy meets girl first glance across the room. In fact, I’m pretty sure my first words to him were ‘What the F are you doing in my kitchen!?’

Together we have dragged our little family to Cardiff, London and finally to Swindon over the last 11 years and for every time Nick has had to try and squeeze our corner sofa out of each house and courier it to the next I’m sure he is super thankful! FYI, I hate this said sofa, I just don’t have the heart to tell him – it just needs to go! Without making you barf up your breakfast he is the most supportive cheerleader I have. From listening to me bang on about diamond proportions to making him proofread 100’s of Instagram captions he never tells me he is bored (his ever-increasing number of grey beard hairs might be a giveaway!)

Our favourite thing to do is…. Eat! Surprise surprise, isn’t this the best relationship-building task?! Carb me up scotty!! Serve me a bowl of fresh pesto and pasta and I am your girl – throw in a G bread and I'll marry you tomorrow.

Talking about weddings; Nick and I have been engaged for a little over 3 years and still, we have no date or venue booked. I am not sure we ever will. I love to live vicariously through my clients, and I don’t think I want to be the centre of attention for a whole day (pfffttt really? This may be a HUGE fib!) In truth, life has just got in the way a little bit; with a new business, us both saving hard to finally get on the property ladder and keeping our two moggies fed and watered there is just spare no cash flying around for my DREAM wedding in the Grand Canyon.

My Moggies AKA Alfie (Moon) & Marley (Bob) have been knocking around for 9 years. Marley is an eater, as in he eats EVERYTHING and our little treasure Alfie has as serious case of cat bulimia…. So, a lifestyle of portion control and a special diet is normal for our household (for the cats, not the humans obviously!)

Holidays & Handbags are my THING, as long as I can fly away at least once a year for at least 2 weeks I am a happy soul and if I can do that with a new Chanel on my arm, Nick will be a happy man!

I am super chilled in a moment of stress and thrive under pressure however; mention my birthday and that’s when my princess behaviour rears its ugly head. No worries, it only occurs once a year and last around 3 days plus, I am easily hushed with an annual ‘new apple product fix.’

I love to get on Holly Robinson Jewellery insta stories and you will often catch me laughing at my own jokes…good job I do, as they can fall a bit flat. Shameless plug: if you’re not following already, add me – you could be that one viewer that laughs with me (rather than at me) @hollyrobinsonjewellery

So, how do I sign off a blog of crazy ranting all out me…. Slide into my DMs or send me email if you want to know more and if you are looking for a diamond crazy, workaholic to create the BEST bespoke jewellery for you – you've found her! X

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