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Congratulations! You’ve put a ring on it! So, what’s next…

From taking photos of your magical moments to getting stuck into your wedding planning; I've put together a few tips on how to get off on the right foot.

Call Your Loved Ones

The last place you want your loved ones to hear about your engagement is on social media. Take a seat, pour yourself a drink and spend your time sharing your loved-up news with the ones most happy for you both. My guess is some of them are sitting right by their phone waiting for your call!

Pick Your Shade

Chances are your hands will the first thing everyone looks at over the next few weeks! Head out for a little bit of pampering and treat your hands and nails to a little bit of TLC. Whether you are a daring red kinda gal or a natural, cool manicure lady; ensure your friends are focusing on your engagement ring rather than your chipped nail polish!!

Post A Ring Selfie

Can I be totally selfish and suggest this next? I love to see your selfies showing your ring in all its glory. Sharing on Instagram and Facebook ensures everyone who knows you hears your news and saves you from that awkward moment when you bump into your cousin’s long-lost bestie with your new fiance and they ask who this new boyfriend is!

Get Your Ring Insured

The least interesting job on this list – urghh. However arguably, the most important! Most engagement rings can be insured on your standard house insurance as a listed item or if you require something more specialised there are jewellery specific insurance firms that offer fully comprehensive cover for rare items.

Check Your Size

Some of us ladies just need a little tweak to make sure our ring fits perfectly. I cannot stress how important it is that your ring fits nice and snug. Checking your ring in the morning and in the evening along with warmer and cooler climates is key to finding exactly how your ring truly fits.


Pop those corks and share some bubbles with your nearest and dearest! If that’s not your thing head out just the two of you to enjoy your news together.


Take your time to savor the moment of your engagement. On average couples take 18 months to plan their wedding; so, taking two weeks out post engagement is nothing!

Discuss Your Wedding Budget

Money isn’t everything. Apart from when you are planning your wedding! No matter how big or how small you would like your day it is so important you are both on the same page. This is the chat that must happen; including your parents if they are helping out too!

Think About A Wedding Date

Together assess your priorities. What time of year would you like to be wed? How soon would you like your big day? Don’t forget to include the people most important to you to ensure you don’t have any diary clashes.

Start Gathering Inspiration

Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, wedding shows & wedding planners. Take all the information (& freebies!) that you can and slowly start putting together your own ideas for your perfect day.

My most important piece of advice is to take your time and enjoy your moment of becoming a fiancee. This is your moment now to shine bright like a diamond - urgh! gross I went there!

Congratulations! xx

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