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New Year; New Me…. Not quite!

I am not one for setting goals of change for the New Year. I am all about looking back on the last 12months and delving deeper into what made the year a success and what could have gone better.

2020 was full of ups and downs; Holly Robinson Jewellery had some amazing months of professional growth and I had some disastrous months of lacking in self-belief. However, the silver lining is that I am still here and the business is doing better than ever.

2019 was all about Wedding Rings with 90% of my clients finding me to create their dream rings for their special day so with that in mind, one of my aims for 2020 was to find clients right at the start of their ‘wedding journey.’ The ones who have not even got engaged yet.

… In 2020 Holly Robinson Jewellery delivered 27 engagement rings! That is 27 moments of pure joy, surprise and lots of happy tears. The only kind of tears we needed last year! With every proposal came the opportunity for me to let my creative juices flow to design unique one of a kind jewellery to be cherished forever. Every stone was hand-selected and inspected by me and I can proudly tell you EVERY ring was created within the UK.

A Snippet of the fabulous engagement rings for 2020

Another goal of 2020 was to improve my gifting options of jewellery for my clients. Self-purchases, Birthday, Christmas & Anniversary presents aplenty. I decided to tackle this from two angles; firstly by offering a bespoke service of jewellery creation and secondly by introducing a sister company; The Glust Boutique.

Holly Robinson Jewellery created everything this year, from diamond earrings, pearl necklaces, Solid Gold lockets, crosses and dainty diamond bracelets. Meanwhile, The Glust Boutique offered clients a quick one-click shop where they could browse at their leisure for smaller priced items for everyday fashion wear.

Bespoke Jewellery Gifts 2020

Jewellery is an area that requires growth in 2021 and I am excited to share with you that I will be opening an online shop through Holly Robinson Jewellery where you will be able to purchase classic diamond earrings, bracelets & necklaces. Orders can be placed 24/7 and will be delivered within 7 working days. Easy Peasy! I will be keeping this under wraps for a little while, whilst I prepare the store and create the jewellery lines ready to go but keep your eyes peeled and ‘jot me down on your birthday wish list 😉’

New Classic Diamonds 2021

With the growth of my product availability, there will be much-needed self-development going on behind the scenes. Whilst I may be a Wizz at diamonds and genius at jewellery design; I am not the diamond among the rough when it comes to online sales and funnel marketing strategies – ha! What even are those, this is a buzz word, that I googled last night, scanned the results for approx. 3 mins and sunk deeper in a glass of red. So, I will be enrolling in some exciting study groups over the next few months to get up to scratch on all these ‘web-based’ so I can be sure that the service you receive online is just at seamless as the service you expect when we meet face to face.

Talking of face to face, let's chat ZOOM. Maybe one of the most prevalent words of 2020? After taking a lot of my appointments to zoom this year I have learnt something invaluable. I love it, you love it. It's easy, there is no pressure for you and I can chat to a lot more clients in one day. The option for online appointments will be here to stay long after we can meet face to face again. Most online appointments are preferred by clients looking for engagement rings and gifting ideas as a quick chat online is much more convenient that us working out a time, I can come to your home without your other half being there. So, you asked and I have listened – LONG LIVE ZOOM.

Another big question in my mind right now is whether I need a new, funky, beautifully decorated, local to you, open for appointments office space. Clearly, this is something I want for us all – but is it a need right now? I am toying with the idea; I would love to be able to create a serene environment for my clients to visit, to have a little taste of luxury but still have a real down to earth conversation with me about there needs and requirements….. sounds like a 2021 goal if you ask me! 😊 Well, well well…. Maybe I can get with this idea of new goals for a new year!!

I will leave you with some photos I took in February of my dream office space vibe. Photos were taken late at night whilst exploring Amsterdam - Undo Tattoo Removal

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