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Looking After Your Fine Jewellery

Care & Guidelines

At Holly Robinson Jewellery all items are made to the highest standards and are designed to be worn and enjoyed. Although your jewellery is made of hard and durable materials, it is still delicate and easily damaged. Therefore, all jewellery should be worn with a reasonable amount of care and stored responsibly when not being worn.

General Care

Rings usually require more care, inspections and maintenance than other types of jewellery because they are the most likely to come into frequent contact with objects and surfaces.

Holly Robinson Jewellery recommends that you remove all rings before engaging in any activity that could cause damage. Strenuous or manual activities such as gardening or sporting pursuits are obvious examples; however, it is also possible to subject your rings to excessive force during everyday activities such as working in an office or around the home. Repetitive impacts of lower intensity can also result in damage over a prolonged period.

Surface wear can be minimised by taking care when handling any hard or sharp objects or surfaces. Examples include metal handrails or door handles, stone worktops, the sharp corners of metal objects (for example filing cabinets) and metal-handled tools or instruments such as keys.

Cleaning & Care

Fine jewellery is delicate and should be cared for accordingly. To extend the life of your jewellery and keep them in optimal condition please follow the following care instructions:

Take off your jewellery before your daily rituals such as showering, lotion, perfume, etc.Leave your jewellery at home before engaging in strenuous activities including going to the gym.Keep your jewellery away from chemicals including as perfume, hair spray, cosmetics and lotion.Before bed, lay your jewellery out flat.For necklaces, clasp the necklace when removing it to assure the chain does not tangle or knot.If you have a fine jewellery piece that contains a pearl, extra care should be taken.Gold plated silver pieces should not be worn in the shower or when swimming as the plating can wear off and the silver can tarnish.

To clean your diamond jewellery, use a soft toothbrush and dish soap and gently scrub metal and diamonds.


Whenever possible try to store your rings in their original boxes. If this is not possible, try to keep each ring separate in order to avoid scratching.

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