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One Ring To Rule Them All!

A guide for searching for the perfect Gentleman's Wedding Ring

Finger Size 

Always a good point to consider initially as you may find that certain styles & widths of band will suits suit different finger sizes.

It is best to measure your finger when you aren’t too hold or too cold. Heat can cause your fingers to swell up, and a chill makes your fingers a lot slimmer, which means you wouldn’t get an accurate reading. It’s also best to measure at the end of the day, as fingers tend to be a lot smaller in the morning.

It is always recommended to go for the bigger size just to guarantee that you’ll be comfortable, especially if you’re going for a wider band. If you go for a wider band in a bigger size, you’ll find that it fits much more comfortably. 

All Holly Robinson Jewellery Consultations include measuring your wedding ring finger and time is take to ensure we choose the right size for you to feel comfortable on your big day.

Ring Profile 

There are a variety of classic wedding ring profiles to choose from, finding the perfect wedding ring profile ensures maximum comfort.

Traditional Court

This type of ring is also known as a “comfort fit” or “court ring”. This profile showcases a rounded interior to match the exterior. These rings are the most common shape that couples use to create matching sets.

Slight Court

This ring is very much like the traditional court, however whilst the inside of the band remains rounded to ensure complete comfort the exterior profile boosts a softer curve giving a more modern feel.

Flat Court

For something a touch more modern, you may want to consider a flat court ring. This profile showcases the exterior of a flat ring with the comfortable rounded interior of a traditional court.  

Modern Flat Court

With a comfort round fit inside and a flat surface finish this design offers a more subtle flat finish with slightly round corners.

Why not try them for yourself? Book a wedding ring consultation to try on a selection of over 200 plain wedding rings.

Ring Width 

There is no real way to determine which band size you’re going to want until you’ve tried rings on. 

I have noticed that most men opt for bands 4mm or wider, while a few choose narrow 3mm rings or even the super-slim 2.5mm. With my sample range starting at 2mm up to 7mm, you can be sure to find the perfect width. 

Ring Material 

The rarest of all available precious metals but also the strongest, whitest, and most durable.Platinum delivers a consistent white shine without the need for rhodium plating, often described as an incomparable glow.Its qualities include excellent resistance to corrosion and a hypoallergenic nature.


Extremely popular amongst budding grooms, a member of the platinum family but approx. 1/2  the price.Delivers a classy, dark grey shine, which you’ll struggle to find in other metals.Contains similar qualities to platinum, such as resistance to corrosion, hypoallergenic properties and consistent shine.

 White Gold

 White gold is an alloy of yellow gold, mixed with white metal to deliver a shine comparable to platinum.It requires rhodium plating every few years to maintain its luminous shine, a process that can cost up to £50.

 Yellow Gold

Available in 18 and 9-carat alternatives.Yellow gold is the most traditional of all wedding band metals, used in the first ever gold wedding rings dating back to the Egyptian period. The metal is timeless and has played a major role in cultural and religious ceremonies for centuries owing to its precious nature and rarity

 Rose Gold

One of the trendiest metals of modern days found in watches, bracelets, necklaces, all sorts. Rose gold is popular with brides and grooms alike, making for a beautiful matching set.Rose gold is formulated using gold mixed with copper alloys and silver, to deliver that lovely pink-red hue. 18-carat is a lighter and rosier tone than 9-carat because 9-carat rose gold contains a lot more copper.

Patterns & Extra Details 

Choosing a pattern or finish is probably the most challenging task in the entire process of choosing your perfect wedding ring. There are endless styles, finishes and patterns to choose from! 

Your best option is to try on a selection of different patterns and styles that catch your eye. As you get to try rings in the comfort of your own home, as opposed to a quick five minutes in jewellery shop you can be sure you have picked the right one for now and forever.

Perhaps you’ve seen a couple of other styles that you’re interested in? Or maybe you have your own idea of your perfect wedding ring? Holly Robinson Jewellery offers a Bespoke Ring Service, in which we design a custom made ring together specifically for you based on the design you desire.

Colours & Finishes

Additional features include;  lines, grooves, a chamfered edge, vintage edges & brushed finishes. Lines, grooves & vintage edges are a permanent addition to rings however a brushed finished can be reapplied and removed at any time.

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