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The Consultation Process

What happens during a Holly Robinson Jewellery Consultation?

How much will my consultations cost?

My goal is for my clients to feel valued and listened to, in order to achieve this, I offer complimentary consultations where clients can take as little or as long as they wish to pinpoint the exact requirements of the item of jewellery they are wishing to purchase.

Where can my consultation take place?

Consultations take place at home for most clients. Home is the perfect location to try on jewellery and wedding rings together to see how your new jewellery would fit with your lifestyle. For engagement ring clients I appreciate that at home consultations may not be the best place to design an engagement ring for a loved one and therefore we can meet somewhere local to home or at your place of work. I also offer telephone & skype/facetime consultations which can take place at your convenience.

What times do you have available?

Consultations can be booked from 11am until 8pm, Wednesday - Saturday. I appreciate that with homelife, work commitments, family events and a busy social calendar a typical 9-5pm office hours slot probably aren’t suitable and therefore I offer flexibility regarding date and time of appointments. If you do wish to meet outside of these hours, please let me know and we can arrange accordingly.

How to book?

To book a consultation head over to my booking app, where you can find a time and date suitable to you.

How long will my consultation be?

The duration of all consultations is led by the client. Some clients will find their perfect design within 30 minutes and others can take up to 3 hours. No time is too long or too short if you feel comfortable with your purchase, it was time well spent for me!

What should I expect from my consultation?

Dependant on the type of jewellery you are wishing to purchase can determine the process we take in your primary consultation. When searching for an engagement ring many clients have a design in mind, which leave only the diamond qualities and sizes to be discussed and decided upon. If you don’t have a design in mind, I have many physically samples to choose from & try on, that can be tweaked and redesigned to fit your desired requirements. For wedding bands, we first start with matching your new ring to any jewellery you may already be wearing such as; your current engagement ring. Again, I have over 200 designs both plain & diamond set to choose from that can be tweaked or redesigned if you wish. For clients with more unique engagement rings that require bespoke design wedding band, I take a mould of your engagement ring in order to start designing your wedding ring around your engagement ring back at my studio – all without your engagement ring leaving your possession!

What should I prepare for my consultation?

There is no need to overly prepare for your consultation. If you have designs in mind that will help our process of finding your perfect piece however this isn’t 100% necessary. I always recommend finding out your partner finger size if they will not be present at the consultation. However, if not possible I have a few tricks and hints we can use to find an approximate size before your proposal.

How do I arrange payment for my jewellery?

The creation process will begin once 50% payment has been made, with the remaining balance payable on delivery. I have a travelling PDQ card machine that accepts credit and debits cards to take payment or alternatively you can make a bank transfer.

What follow up will I receive?

Once we have decided on the ideal elements of your design, you have paid your initial deposit and we have agreed a delivery date I will generate your invoice and send over to you via email. Your invoice will outline all criteria discussed – please keep this for your records.

Design Follow Up  In some cases, more in-depth design work will be required. I will work on this immediately and have any CAD images or sketches sent to you within 2 weeks. At this point I can make minor changes to the design without any further charges to yourself. If many/major changes are required charges will be accrued.

Diamond/Gemstone Follow Up As I choose every stone that is used in all Holly Robinson Jewellery, I will keep you up to date with the stones that have been chosen via video/message or email. I love nothing more than to send you videos of the diamonds before they are set into your finished item!

Wax Models For some designs, I offer an additional service of Resin Models. This gives the client the option to try on an exact model of the ring they have ordered for added reassurance on the design they have selected.

What delivery options should I expect?

All delivery times will differ dependant on the complexity and production methods used to create your piece of jewellery. On average Engagement Rings can be delivered with 6 weeks, Wedding rings within 7 weeks and Fine Jewellery within 8 weeks. Whilst these timeframes are advisory, orders can be expedited if required. I offer personal delivery on all purchases from Holly Robinson Jewellery where possible.

Please contact me if you have any further questions regarding your Holly Robinson Jewellery. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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