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COVID-19 What Does It Mean For Holly Robinson Jewellery?

Updated: May 5, 2020

If you have clicked through to this blog post; I hope you are searching for that ‘non sugar-coated’ answer to how HRJ is dealing with the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and the limitations that have been put upon us by the government and NHS guidelines. When starting Holly Robinson Jewellery, I always believed in offering a completely transparent service; however, with the recent news, many businesses are being advised to not share the nitty-gritty details of ‘how they are coping.’ I am not going to steer away from my original beliefs, and I am confident that my ‘straight-talking’ approach will be a refreshing outlook at the real-life and real people behind the brand.

Current Orders With the idea that lockdown may be fast approaching I expediated a lot of my current orders to ensure they were finished if not nearly ready. Many items are finished and awaiting delivery and once the lockdown guidelines are lifted, I will be whizzing around Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and the South West with little parcels of joy. There are a few items that are not yet complete and are currently in a carefully curated order of importance list depending on my client’s events and deadlines.

At Home Deliveries Deliveries are currently on hold. Having spoken to all my clients we have agreed that delivery in person is much more convenient and more secure than via post right now. Plus, we are all craving that much needed socialisation when this is all over! I cannot wait to get back out to your homes to share the excitement of unwrapping your newly-made goodies!

New Appointments At present, my booking page on the website is allowing appointments to be booked from the 9th May 2020 along with the new option to book a facetime or zoom consultation even during this surreal time. I have had several clients get in touch via WhatsApp and Instagram this week and together we have completed a full consultation through to order using the great tool of technology. Business Health When purchasing fine jewellery; I am very conscious this is a commitment known as a considered purchase and the future of the business along with the financial security of the business at present must be deliberated. Holly Robinson Jewellery is a one-woman business with minimal overheads; I don’t have staff that require financial support and I also do not have huge stock levels or marketing budgets that need to be funded. I am proud that Holly Robinson Jewellery is run as a ‘lean business.’ I only work with goldsmiths within the UK and only the stones and metal raw components can be affected by the fluctuations in exchange rates or commodity markets. I am not reliant on countries reopening borders (Far East & China) to allow products to be shipped in and I am not beholden to large rents or rates from commercial landlords. All these factors mean HRJ can bend and flex where necessary.

HRJ has grown from strength to strength in the last two years and I am confident in the strong foundations I have built-in those first few months to carry the company through these challenging times.

Unfortunately, as a business with no employees or commercial units & only working within its second financial year; HRJ does not qualify for any government assistance during this time however through hard work and determination from the beginning; HRJ is comfortably able to tick over both quietly and confidently during these unprecedented time.

How I Am Keeping Busy So, with a lot of free time on my hands, I am focusing on improving my client experience for current and new customers. From improving my SEO and functioning speed of my website to creating new (and beautiful!) tools to send to my clients via post when they are searching for the perfect engagement ring. I am really enjoying (am I allowed to admit that!?) having some spare time to get my creative on and search for new and interesting ways to bring a luxury service to your living room. How I Am Feeling

This is a very odd time for all of us and I am sure we are all feeling a little out of sorts. From reassessing ‘what is important to us’ to ‘planning and redecorating your spare bedroom three times in two weeks’ I don’t believe there is a normal way to feel now. Many of my clients have had to postpone their celebrations and many fellow business owners have found themselves in challenging times. I personally am finding the length of the unknown the biggest challenge; not knowing when & how this will all end. I have turned into a huge night owl when it comes to completing any task and I don’t think my kitchen and bathroom have ever been this clean! Self-motivation is a big essential right now so I find breaking my day into bitesize chunks is giving me the time to focus on what is important to you and also to maintain a strong and secure company foundation.

Looking Forward

Moving forward, I am excited the see my diary getting booked up quite quickly Summer appointments along with an ever-growing 'waiting list' of clients wanting to book as soon as lockdown restrictions are lifted. With this in mind, I must stress the importance of getting in touch to grab one of the 20 design slots I offer per month. As all design work and diamond/stone sourcing and grading are completed by me I only offer 20 appointments per month to ensure I can spend time and give care to each order.

The start of 2020 was busy & exciting and I am been thrilled that I have got to meet a huge group of fabulous clients; we may be having a few months of downtime, but I am ready to hit the ground running for the rest of the year.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any queries at this time or just require a little bit of support.

Thank you for being part of this crazy journey! HRJ would be nothing without you guys! Stay Home, Stay Safe xx

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